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AFARAND was established in 2000 as an Information Technology and Educational company . AFARAND aims to provide distance or online learning and evaluating your Background Experiences to an Accredited University Degree, programs for mature students worldwide to advance their career and academic qualifications. AFARAND offers Degrees in education, Engineering, Computing & IT and Business & Management.

We're dedicated to helping busy, working adults like you earn a recognized degree. Our innovative degree programs allow students to realize their educational goals with a variety of options for degree completion.

AFARAND understands there is no substitute for real world experience. Now you can earn credit toward your degree for time on the job. It's the flexible convenient way to achieve your education and career goals.

Whatever your age, sex or location, you can now get an accredited degree in your desired discipline. Your experience is what matters and that's exactly what will get you a degree as well!

In keeping with our high standards and philosophy of service, we have structured our organization in such a way as to provide the highest degree of function for our Clients. This function by necessity includes many very important aspects...not the least of which is affordability. By being a nonprofit organization and consistently lowering our operating costs over the years we have achieved a state of delicate balance that, as our research shows, allows us to offer the lowest tuition prices of any comparable, non-traditional Education Services in the world.

The purpose of all degree programs offered through AFARAND is to enable the student to acquire a body of knowledge in a specific discipline, to reason and think critically, to improve their knowledge and abilities, to enhance their personal satisfaction, to improve their self esteem and confidence, and to equip them in their pursuit of a life long learning experience.