Here you can find the most popular Majors Available from AFARAND, but there are too many more available Majors on demand. 


Accountancy with Law
Accounting and Economics
Accounting and Finance
Accounting, Finance and Computer Science
Accounting, Finance and Mathematics
Acupuncture Studies
Advertising and Marketing
Advertising, Economics and Marketing
American Studies
American Studies and Art History
American Studies and Organization Studies
Animal Science
Anthropology of Religion
Applied Biology
Applied Professional Studies
Applied Psychology and Sociology
Arboriculture Architectural Technology
Art and Art History
Art and Design
Art and Design: 2D and 3D Design & Communication
Art and Design: Craft
Art and Design: Fine Art
Art: History and Culture: The Twentieth Century
Art: History and English Literature Art: Practice and Theory
Audio Electronics
Automotive Engine Design


Biochemistry with Biomedicine
Biochemistry with Genetics
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences (North America/Australasia)
Biological Sciences with Biomedicine
Biology and Geography
Biomedical Sciences
Biomedicine and Medical Statistics
Building Studies
Building Studies - Building Technology and Management
Building Studies - Quantity Surveying
Building Surveying
Business Administration
Business and Finance
Business and Marketing
Business and Personnel
Business Computing and Information Systems
Business Information Systems
Business Management with eCommerce
Business Management with Finance
Business Management with Law
Business Management with Marketing
Business Software Development
Business Studies
Business Studies with eCommerce
Business Studies with Finance
Business Studies with Law
Business Studies with Marketing


Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Design
Civil Engineering with Construction Management
Civil with Environmental Engineering
Combined Science
Combined Technology
Communication and Computer Systems
Communication and Digital Media
Communication and Media Studies
Community Specialist Practice
Complementary Healthcare
Computer Science
Computer Science and Mathematics
Computer Science and Music
Computer Science with Multimedia Systems
Computer Science with Software Engineering
Computer Systems Engineering
Computing and European Languages
Computing and Mathematics
Computing and Operational Research
Computing and Statistics
Computing: Client Server Systems
Computing: Information Systems
Computing: Interactive Software Development
Computing: Networked Systems
Computing: Software Engineering
Construction Management
Construction Studies
Construction Studies - Architectural Technology
Construction Studies - Conservation, Technology and Management
Construction Studies - Quantity Surveying Countryside Management
Creative Arts
Criminology and Applied Psychology
Criminology and Educational Studies
Criminology and Social Policy
Criminology and Sociology
Critical Fine Art Practice
Cultural and Historical Studies


Dance and Visual Art
Design Technology
Design and Technology Education
Digital Electronics, Computing and Communications
Digital Media Development
Digital Music


EarlyYears Care and Education
Ecology Economics
Economics and Geography
Economics and International Relations
Economics and Mathematics
Economics and Politics
Editorial Photography
Educational Studies
Educational Studies and History
Educational Studies and Psychology
Educational Studies and Religious Studies
Educational Studies and Sociology
Education Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electronic and Computer Engineering
Electronic Communication Systems
Electronic Engineering
Engineering and Construction
Engineering (Electronic)
Engineering (Electronic)
Engineering (Mechanical)
English as a Foreign Language
English Language and French Studies
English Language and German Studies
English Language and Linguistics
English Language and Literature
English Language and Sociolinguistics
English Language and the Media
English Language and Teaching
English Language Studies with Business
English Language Studies with English Literature
English Language Studies with Linguistics
English Language Studies with Media English and Sociology
English Language with Creative Writing
English Literature
English Literature and History
English Literature and Linguistics
English Literature and Music
English Literature and Philosophy
English Literature and Religious Studies
English Literature with Creative Writing
Environmental Biology
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Hazards
Environmental Management
Environmental Mathematics
Environmental Science
Environmental Science (Earth Science and Geophysics)
Environmental Science (Hydrology and Water Quality)
Environmental Science (Impact and Management)
Environmental Science (Modeling and Forecasting)
Environmental Science (Pollution and the Environment)
Environmental Sciences
eSystems Design and Technology
Ethics, Philosophy and Religion
European Languages and Management Studies
European Legal Studies
European Management (French)
European Management (German)
European Management (Italian)
European Management (Spanish)
European Nursing
European Politics, Society and Culture
European Studies
Exercise Science


Fashion Design with Business Studies
Fashion Textiles Design with Business Studies
Film and Cultural Studies
Film Studies and Philosophy
Film Studies and Sociology
Finance and Economics
Fine Art
Fine Art Painting
Fine Art Printmaking
Fine Art Sculpture
French Language Studies with Business
French Language Studies with English Literature
French Language Studies with Linguistics
French Language Studies with Media
French Studies
French Studies and Computing
French Studies and Economics
French Studies and English Literature
French Studies and Geography
French Studies and German Studies
French Studies and History
French Studies and Italian Studies
French Studies and Linguistics
French Studies and Marketing
French Studies and Mathematics
French Studies and Music
French Studies and Philosophy
French Studies and Politics
French Studies and Psychology
French Studies and Spanish Studies
French Studies and Teaching English as a Foreign Language
French Studies and Theatre Studies


Garden Design
Geography and Geology
German Language Studies with Business
German Language Studies with English Literature
German Language Studies with Linguistics
German Language Studies with Media Graphic Design
German Studies
German Studies and Computing
German Studies and Economics
German Studies and English Literature
German Studies and Geography
German Studies and History
German Studies and Italian Studies
German Studies and Linguistics
German Studies and Marketing
German Studies and Mathematics
German Studies and Music
German Studies and Philosophy
German Studies and Politics
German Studies and Psychology
German Studies and Spanish Studies
German Studies and Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Global Politics


Health and Social Care
Health Studies
History and History of Science
History and International Relations
History and Music
History and Philosophy
History and Politics History and Religious Studies
History of Decorative Arts and Crafts
History of Design, Culture and Society
History, Philosophy and Politics
Horse Studies
Hospitality Management
Hospitality and Event Management
Human Ecology
Human Geography


Independent Studies
Information Management
Information Technology
Information Technology and Media Communications
Interactive Computing
Interior Architecture
International Business
International Business (Economics)
International Finance and Capital Market Studies
International Hospitality Management
International Relations and Strategic Studies
International Retail Marketing
International Tourism Management
International Travel Management
Internet Business Computing
Internet Computing
Italian Studies and Computing
Italian Studies and Economics
Italian Studies and English Literature
Italian Studies and Geography
Italian Studies and History
Italian Studies and Linguistics
Italian Studies and Marketing
Italian Studies and Mathematics
Italian Studies and Music
Italian Studies and Philosophy
Italian Studies and Psychology
Italian Studies and Spanish Studies


Languages for Professional Purposes (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
Law and Criminology
Law (International)
Law with Accountancy
Law with Business
Learning Sciences and Technology
Leisure and Sport Management
Leisure and Sport Studies
Library and Information Studies
Linguistics and Philosophy
Linguistics and Psychology


Management and Organization
Management and Organization (Human Resource Management)
Management Practice
Management Science
Marketing Management
Mathematical Finance
Mathematics and Operational Research
Mathematics and Philosophy
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics Education
Mathematics for Finance
Mathematics for Management
Mathematics (North America-Australasia)
Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research
Mathematics with Statistics
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical and Aeronautical Design Engineering
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Mechatronics Media and Cultural Studies
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Modern Languages - French
Modern Languages - German
Modern Languages - Italian
Modern Languages - Spanish
Modern Languages Education
Motor Vehicle Engineering
Multidisciplinary Healthcare
Music and Visual Art Management
Music Composition for Professional
Music Production
Music Technology


Nursing - Adult
Nursing - Child
Nursing - Learning Disabilities
Nursing - Mental Health Natural Sciences


Occupational Therapy Studies
Operations Management
Organization Studies and Psychology
Organizational Studies and Sociology
Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture)
Osteopathy Studies


Peace Studies and International Relations
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences
Philosophy and Politics
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Physical Education
Physical Geography
Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Physics with Computational Physics
Political and Religious Thought
Political Sociology
Politics with International Relations
Primary Education: 5-11 years
Product Design
Professional Education Studies
Professional Practice in Working with Older People
Professional Studies in Primary Education
Project Management for Construction
Psychology in Education
Psychology and Statistics
Public Services


Religious Education
Retail Marketing
Religious Studies
Religious Studies and Sociology


Science Education
Science, Technology and Society
Social Policy
Social Science
Social History
Social Work
Social Work Studies
Sociology and Social Policy
Sociology of Sport and Leisure
Software Engineering
Spanish Studies and Computing
Spanish Studies and Economics
Spanish Studies and English Literature
Spanish Studies and Geography
Spanish Studies and History
Spanish Studies and Linguistics
Spanish Studies and Marketing
Spanish Studies and Mathematics
Spanish Studies and Music
Spanish Studies and Philosophy
Spanish Studies and Politics
Spanish Studies and Psychology
Spanish Studies and Teaching
Spanish Studies and Theatre Studies
Spanish Studies with Catalan Statistics
Sport Development
Sport Journalism
Sport Science


Telecommunication Systems
Theatre Studies
Theatre Studies and English Literature
Theoretical Physics
Theoretical Physics with Mathematics


Upper Primary/Lower Secondary Education - Mathematics
Upper Primary/Lower Secondary Education - Physical Education
Upper Primary/Lower Secondary Education - Religious Education
Upper Primary/Lower Secondary Education - Science
Urban Conservation and Environmental Management
Urban Studies


Visual Culture


Wine Studies
Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics


Youth and Community